à propos: philosophie is a feature lenght documentary by sebastian köthe, premiered in 2016. aA foot shaking with panic. hair is being torn. in only four hours, students from 40 different countries will write their essays in the international philosophy olympiad in Denmark. is truth an invention of man? is happiness good for human beings? the teenagers are looking for answers. the film is a record of our conversations with young philosophers about becoming restless with autonomous thinking. as a visual study it is interested in the bodily, sensual processes of thinking, showing the sparks flying when 17-year-olds commit themselves to it with enthusiasm and seriousness of purpose.


"I thought, I am the only one of my kind it this world."


cinematography and editing: roman hagenbrock / directing: sebastian köthe / audio and dramaturgy: beate absalon / production: NICHT-ICH


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