roman hagenbrock is a video artist and film editor based in berlin. the interdependency of body, image and device is the essential element of her visual works for theater and film. the protagonists range from reenacted pop stars to technological devices, the erotic, temples, spiritual origins and the blurry boundary of fact and fiction. flavorful collaborations w/ berlin based artistic collective copy & waste and since 2017 w/ vegard vinge / ida müller.   facebook / insta / vimeo


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head of video /video for the stage

COPYSHOP OF HORRORS, w/ COPY & WASTE, Performance 2017

GEWONNENE ILLUSIONEN, w/ COPY & WASTE, Schauspiel Leipzig, Theater 2017


FASSBINDER FIGHT CLUB, w/ COPY & WASTE, Favoriten Festival Dortmund, Video Walk 2016

THIS IS BEIJING IF I SAY SO, 798 Art District Beijing, Performance 2016

INHALE, aotu studio Beijing, Videoinstallation, 2016

WHO YA GONNA CALL?, w/ COPY & WASTE, Ballhaus Ost, Performance 2016

FAME & FATIGUE, w/ COPY & WASTE, Neue Berliner Räume, Durational Reading 2016

RUCKZUCK, w/ COPY & WASTE, English Theater Berlin, Theater 2015

ANARCHY IN RUHR CITY, w/ COPY & WASTE, Theater Oberhausen, Theater 2014

BARBARELLAPARK, w/ COPY & WASTE, Ringlokschuppen Mülheim, Theater 2013

DAS ENDE BRICHT DAS SCHWEIGEN, Ballhaus Ost, Theater 2012


director of photography

ERSTER TEIL ZWEITER TEIl DRITTER TEIL, 39min, experemtl. Documentary 2017

CHINESE NEW FLOWER, d.: Silvan Hagenbrock, 30min, Documentary 2016

EVERYTHING YOU SAY AND THINK, d.: Sebastian Köthe, 80min, Documentary 2016

WIE SIE SEHEN, d.: Roman Hagenbrock, 13min, Shortfilm 2013



Artist in Residence, Beijing, Goethe Institut, Red Gate Gallery

Mailand Design Festival, Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, steirischer Herbst Graz, Leiden International Film Festival, Deutscher Jugendfilmpreis